Who Else Wants To Have An Importing Expert Hold Their Hand And Teach Them How To Import Products From China?

You Can Import From China
Safely And Easily!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

jays picture Product Sourcing CoachAre you still riding the China Importing fence? How about the China Importing wave?

Is the weak dollar causing you even more pain?

Today, it really doesn’t matter if you are a Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler or Retailer, the signs of China importing opportunity are all around you.

There (still) has never been a better time to import from China (or elsewhere). Never! Are you taking advantage of the importing opportunities, or are you still sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else make all of the money?

Unlock Your China
Importing Secrets…

I am sure you have a lot of questions. Like, is China importing safe? Is China importing right for me? Where do I start? How do I avoid making importing mistakes?

How do I avoid getting ripped off? Will I have the support from someone who has my back? Will someone be there for me ALL the way through the process?

Well, the best place to start is to request the FREE Special Report, “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make Importing From China…And How To Avoid Them”.

You can request that FREE Special Report above. Those 7 Importing Mistakes are the absolute best place to start. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to importing or not.

It’s Not Just For
Big Companies Anymore…

It used to be that you had to be as big as Louis Vuitton, Office Depot, Costco, Wal-Mart, HP, Prada or any other large Manufacturer or Retailer to succeed at importing.

That simply is no longer the case.

In my opinion, the greatest opportunity today is for companies with annual sales between $2 Million and $20 Million.

Even companies with annual sales less than $2 Million can successfully import their products, as long as they have the right people on their “importing bus”.

And that’s why I am here, and I hope it’s also why you’re here. My name is Jay, and people refer to me as the Product Sourcing Coach.

I think the name is kind of funny, but it seems to fit so I will stick with it for now.

What does a Product Sourcing Coach do? I work with Entrepreneurs just like you, who want to import from China, or anywhere else, to lower their margins and improve their profits.

Actually, improving your profits by importing is really a no-brainer. The real benefit comes when you do this the right way, because then your business gets easier.

And when your business gets easier, your life gets easier. And that’s when you know you’re on the right track with China importing. Yes, the money is important, and done properly it will come, but a better life is the icing on the importing cake!

What’s interesting is, most Entrepreneurs (Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers) get involved in importing because they have a need to improve their margins, but unless they work with the right Experts, they end up missing out on the most profitable opportunities out there.

Good thing you’re here, because I am going to shed some light on those opportunities for you. And keep in mind, it doesn’t matter if you have been importing for a while, or you’re completely new.

Either way, this information will be life changing.

A Rare Opportunity To Turn
Your Company
Into A Global Leader

Are you feeling the pressure? Margins shrinking, costs rising and you’re getting squeezed in the middle?

Maybe you are losing customers who have figured out they don’t need you any more. Maybe they have decided to cut you out of their buying all together.

I know it’s happening. I talk to your peers every single day. I get the panic telephone calls. Business owners begging me to help them import their products, like yesterday!

Then once I start probing I hear the fear. They know they have to start importing, but they don’t know who to trust. And unfortunately, many end up trying to cut corners and they end up getting burned.

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve resisted going to China up until this point. But if you keep resisting you are going to lose the fight. As Thomas L. Friedman points out so well in his book, The World Is Flat, we are living in a flat World. And it’s getting flatter by the day!

Will you be flattened along the way?

Globalization, global outsourcing of services, it’s all around us. You can sit there and watch everyone pass you by, or you can get out of your chair and do something about it.

That’s why I’m here. How about you?

Something else you may not realize is, this importing thing is not just about China. Sure, China gets all of the attention, especially lately. Both good and bad. More bad, like in “Mattel lead paint bad”.

Do not let those stories stop you from moving forward. If you look closely, you will find those types of things happen because someone took their eye off the ball.

Just read my Free Special Report on the 7 Biggest Importing Mistakes…And How To Avoid Them. In this revealing report I talk about quality control. And you will read an interesting quote from a high ranking Mattel executive, who admits it was their fault.

My point is, don’t get hung up on that stuff until you get all of the facts. Because once you do, you will clearly see problems like that do not have to happen.

And I do agree China seems to be the center of the importing world. When everyone thinks of importing “China importing” is what comes to mind.

But, let me let you in on another secret. This is a BIG one, and it’s not what you are going to expect. And if your competitors had their way, you would never hear about this.

Good thing you came to the right place, because I‘m going to tell you.

This isn’t just about Importing

Let me say that again. This isn’t just about importing. If you do this right, you can potentially be exporting your products globally.

That’s why I said this is a rare opportunity to turn your company into a Global Leader. Just like Seaman Paper did. They now export their products to Asia.

And with a few very big companies as customers, they expect to double their business in 2008. They went from thinking they just needed to import, to now exporting, and opening an entirely new World. Literally!

And because they did it with the right support, they don’t even handle the distribution for the products in Asia.

Imagine that. From thinking they had to import, to now exporting and not even having to touch the product.

That my friend is my definition of Strategic Global Product Sourcing! And that’s what the Product Sourcing Coach can do for you!

Their story is one worth hearing. Check out our section on testimonials. Some clients prefer to keep their names out of the spotlight because they would rather their competitors not find out how they do so well.

But others are willing to share their success. So I will start collecting these encouraging words and placing them on the site so you can read them.

And, maybe you will write about your China importing success very soon!

And It’s Not Just About
China Importing
(Also Korean Importing, Mexican Importing, India Importing, Taiwan Importing, Italian Importing, Greece Importing, Russian Importing, And Other Countries, And Even Exporting)

I’ll say it again, this is not just about China Importing. And it’s not just about importing.

That’s worth repeating because if you get this, you will realize you have a whole lot more opportunity than most.

It’s really about Strategic Global Product Sourcing. Because, “Product Sourcing” is not just importing, and “Global” is not just China.

Your Greatest Opportunity
For Growth

That’s what the Product Sourcing Coach is about. If you have looked around the Internet you see everyone is only talking about importing.

Don’t limit yourself. You’re an Entrepreneur. And a smart, talented Entrepreneur understands the path to success is to learn how to do what few competitors know how to do.

And this web site is about seeing YOU succeed like Louis Vuitton. Office Depot, Costco, Tommy Hilfiger, Seaman Paper and all of the other big Manufacturers and Retailers.

And all of those big companies were helped by the same team of Strategic Global Product Sourcing Experts that I know.

Yes, you really can have access to some of the same Experts who helped other companies succeed!

Product Source Smarter,
Not Harder!

Strategic Global Product Sourcing should not mean you have to work harder. I know, I know, that flies in the face of what everyone says. They all want to tell you how hard importing is.

They want you to think it’s difficult. And maybe it is for them. But if it is, they are doing it wrong! That’s my point. It can be very easy. It should be.

If importing from China, or anywhere else for that matter, means you have to work more hours, take on more responsibility, then you are doing it all wrong.

If that describes you, then you need to do two important things. One, get my Free Report on the 7 Biggest Importing Mistakes. Then, pick up the phone and call me.

And remember, if you do it the right way, you will not be working harder.

For more details about this, go get a copy of The 7 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make Importing From China…And How To Avoid Them.

I have a feeling you are going to kick yourself when you see just how easy this should be.

And whatever you do, do not do this alone. Even if it’s not me, get a professional to work with you.

I am confident that my network of Product Sourcing Experts and I can assist you, regardless of the size of your company, or the products you sell.

If you are tired of watching your competition pass you by, and you know importing from China (or anywhere else) is something you need to explore, do yourself a favor and call the Product Sourcing Coach.

If Louis Vuitton, Costco, Office Depot, Tommy Hilfiger and Seaman Paper trust Product Sourcing Experts, don’t you think it’s worth at least a phone call to see if they can help you too?

My experience tells me the smart Entrepreneur does not waste time when they see a great opportunity. They take action. So what are you waiting for?

Yours for Importing Success,

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